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This raw, multi-floral, unpasteurised honey is harvested only once a year by the villagers living inside the deep and evergreen Idukki forest reserve. We do not process our honey to keep all its beneficial enzymes and nutrients intact. Honey bee hives are collected by the villagers and honey is extracted from these hives under our supervision to avoid any form of adulteration. Honey is filtered to remove impurities and sundried to avoid fermentation. Unlike many commercial brands, we do not pasteurise the honey to keep its health benefits intact. In the forest, both types of honey, from the beehives inside the rocks and from the trees are obtained by the villagers. The one from the rocks is made by smaller honey bees, contains more pollen and has a higher density compared to the honey obtained from trees. These rural communities are heavily dependent on selling forest produce like honey for their livelihoods.

We also have Cheruthen, honey made by stingless bees and is highly revered in Ayurveda for its medicinal uses. This honey is available post-April month on pre-order.