Makkuvalli: Nature's bowl

Located amidst the rain forests of Idukki, Makkuvalli is your perfect getaway to nature and culture of Kerala away from all the distractions of city life. Farming is the major source of livelihood for villagers. Coffee, cocoa, paddy, black pepper, cardamom, tapioca, and rubber along with some fruits and vegetables are cultivated here. Makkuvalli is home to many migratory birds during the season and a paradise for any nature lover. People live in complete harmony with each other and nature around them. They still prefer the traditional way of living to ensure minimum disturbance to the ecosystem around them.   

Location: Makkuvalli, Idukki 

Suitable for: Tourists and locals staying in and around Munnar (50 km), Kochi airport (80 km) and Thekkady (77 km).