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Our Chai Masala powder is meticulously crafted using a selection of locally sourced, naturally grown indigenous spices. We adhere to a traditional, time-honored recipe to ensure that every blend encapsulates authenticity and superior quality. Unlike many market alternatives, our spice blend stands out by maintaining the highest standards of quality and hygiene, free from any form of adulteration or the use of subpar ingredients.


Health benefits of Masala Chai - It is believed that the spices in chai not only offer health benefits but they also tend to reduce the acidity of milk tea or chai.


Chai Masala powder, cherished worldwide, is known by various names, reflecting its global appeal:

  • Chai Ka Masala
  • Masala for Chai
  • Chai Latte Masala


Our Chai Masala powder is not just a product; it is an experience of tradition, health, and unparalleled taste. Whether you're starting your day or unwinding in the evening, let our blend bring warmth and wellness to every sip of your chai.


Ek Ek cup or ho jaye? (One more round of chai, please)!

Chai Masala powder

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100 Grams
  • Key Ingredients of Our Exquisite Masala Chai Powder

    • Indigenous Ellackkal Ginger from Idukki's High Ranges: Known for its robust flavor and numerous health benefits, this rare ginger variety adds a much-needed warmth to our blend.
    • Karimunda Pepper from Idukki's High Ranges: Renowned for its pungent and aromatic properties, this pepper enhances the spiciness of the chai.
    • Indian Clove: Adds a warm, sweet, and slightly bitter flavor profile, also known for its medicinal properties.
    • Idukki Nutmeg and Mace: These spices contribute a sweet and nutty flavor, along with an array of health benefits.
    • True Indian Cinnamon: Infuses a warm and sweet essence, making the chai aromatic and flavorful.
    • Indian Star Anise: Imparts a sweet-licorice flavor, adding depth to the chai.
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