Roasted cocoa beans

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We procure cocoa from the villages inside the Idukki forest reserve. Cocoa is a cash crop and a major source of livelihood for these villagers. To ensure the best quality, cocoa is procured and processed entirely by our team. After removing the outer pod, cocoa seeds are fermented, washed, dried in a dryer and then roasted in a clay container. There are two types of roasted cocoa beans available in the market, fermented and non-fermented. We sell only the fermented ones as fermentation causes the formation of cocoa butter inside and they can be processed further. Good quality roasted cocoa beans should taste like or better than a 100% chocolate bar. Cocoa is harvested from April to August but the best quality ones are available from April to mid-June. It is available round the year for sale. Roasted cocoa beans can be powdered for making cakes, chocolate bars or in making any chocolate flavoured dishes. It can also be consumed directly. Reduced High blood pressure, improved blood circulation, improved mood and symptoms of depression are some of the possible health benefits of consuming cocoa.