Variety: Palakkuddi (Indigenous variety)

Litre weight: 500+ grams/liter (Average liter weight available in the market is around 350)

Shelf life:

Characteristics: Smaller size of the pod, seeds are dark brown-black in colour and are slightly sticky.

Growing chemical free cardamom is extremely tricky as the indigenous variety changes after every few kms in cardamom hills and many of them are not suitable for commercial purposes due to their extremely low yield. Introducing any new variety to a location makes it extremely susceptible to pest attack forcing farmers to use pesticides. We have cracked it by growing indigenous cultivar of cardamom such as Palakuddi cultivar in a protected environment using zero budget natural farming. The raw cardamom is the slow dried over a period of 24 hours, polished, sorted and handpicked before packaging.

Yellow cardamom also known as late harvest yellow cardamom is created by allowing the matured raw green cardamom to ripen before harvesting. This is a premium variant of the green cardamom.

How to store: Cardamom can be stored in any air tight opaque container. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

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Cardamom (Yellow and Green)