Black pepper

Variety: Karimunda (Indigenous variety grown in higher altitudes and shady areas)

Litre weight: 620+ grams/litre (Average litre weight available in the market is around 500)

Shelf life: Few decades.

Characteristics: Smaller size of a peppercorn, coffee brown in colour.

Black pepper is native to the Western Ghats of Kerala state (Idukki and Wayanad districts) as the diversity of its cultivated forms is greatest in this region. Out of over 75 cultivars of Black Pepper cultivated in India, Karimunda variety is the most popular of all. We use zero budget natural farming, also known as spiritual farming, to create forest-like conditions in our fields to grow chemical-free and naturally grown pepper.


Intercropped with tea, all our pepper is cultivated at an elevation higher than 1000 meter. Higher elevation accounts for more flavour and higher oil content in black pepper. We harvest our pepper only when it’s fully ripe to ensure greater density (620 + litre weight), more flavour and increased shelf life. (Not fully ripe pepper will have lower density making it susceptible to absorb moisture and get fungus resulting in bad quality and lower shelf life). We grade our black pepper according to its density rather than the size of the peppercorn. Black pepper is available round the year for sales.

How to store: Black pepper can be stored in an air tight container (glass or steel).