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Spices that are good for



 Our Spices are 

Naturally grown
Ethically sourced
Completely traceable

Being at the heart of the spice district in the Western Ghats of India, we source the best of spices from our select farmers who grow them naturally and process them with great care and precision.


We ensure that the routes our spices travel through are in sync with nature, fair and sustainable for our farmers and our planet.

With Graamya being the only bridge between you and the farmer, we make the journey short and the routes clearer, so that you know where your spices comes from, who grows them, how are they grown and how they reach you.

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Choose from our exclusive collection of Indigenous and Farmer-bred varieties, handpicked by nature.

We strongly believe that a key component of nature-friendly farming are indigenous and farmer-bred plant varieties which are highly pest resistant and adaptable. Being native to the region they are grown, indigenous varieties and farmer bred varieties developed from these, are best suited for the soil and the ecosystem of that region. And many a times they are also superior in flavour, aroma and health benefits in comparison to others.


Each of these varieties is unique, unique in taste, texture, properties and aroma. This realisation led us to separate them right from harvesting to keep their identities intact. And so, our collection of spices include diverse indigenous and farmer bred varieties of spices, so that the distinct flavours never fade and the perfect match for your recipes are never hard to find.


True Indian Cinnamon

Connecting Nature, Spices and Livelihoods

Spices are used in almost all cuisines in the world. They have not only been a flavourful and aromatic add on to your palate, but have also found their way to several medicinal uses. As a food product that is used by almost everyone, everyday, spices ought to be grown the right way and the ones who grows them, should get their right share. By promoting natural farming for a healthy ecosystem and long term sustainability of livelihood in Idukki, we bring together the health of nature, the flavours of spices, and the well being of our farmers.

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About Idukki

The native of green cardamom, the home to the famed high range pepper, the host to cinnamon, cloves and many more spices, Idukki, a tiny part of this earth have given the world its spices; adding flavours and aroma to the food and life of billions since time immemorial. Located in the Western Ghats of India, this district of Kerala is rightly referred to as the spice district of the world. With a history as rich as its diverse cultures, this landlocked district and the spices it hosts have left its imprints all over the world and have become an inseparable part of our everyday lives.


Cardamom hills region as per official records of 1897.

Green Cardamom

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